How to Market your business without spending any money

How to Market your business without spending any money


Every time I met people who want to market their business; they always say that they have no money or they don’t know where to start.  So I went ahead and thought of ways to market a business without spending any money.

1. Friends, family, and relatives

If  I was opening new restaurants, the first people I will invites are my friends and family to come and sample my food. I will remind them to invite a friend or two. This is the number one way of getting the word out without spending any money.

2. Facebook

I Know you have a few friends on Facebook. How about posting your product on Facebook and requesting your facebook to support you.  If they like your product or services, they might end up buying from you. Also, Make sure to post your services or products or facebook marketplace or Facebook local groups.

3. Instagram

I think that Instagram is an excellent platform for showcasing your work. I know a carpenter who has more than 48,000 followers. Sometimes he posts before and after pictures, Sometimes he posts as he is working and Sometimes he just post unique pieces. People love his work so much that he continues to expand his business.

4. LinkedIn

I love Linkedin as a professional because I know that other professionas are there, and we can connect on a professional level. I have asked people for meeting on LinkedIn, and people have asked me for a meeting whether face to face or online. I have made many connections on LinkedIn. It may look boring but pretty of opportunities there.

5. Meetup group

There are so many meetup groups. These are groups for people who share similar interests. It is also a chance to connect with other entrepreneurs. I know a meetup group that markets the other members. I have even been there and gotten a referral.

6. Talk to anybody and everybody.

I always talk to anybody and everybody because I may never know who needs my services or my products.

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