5 Reasons why you want to start home therapy early: 

  1. Fall and Injury Prevention- allows assessment of home to determine proper set-up and modifications needed to increase safety and decrease fall risk.

2. Prevent acute injury from becoming chronic- if/when a problem is detected early outcomes are much better. Prolonging care can often make treatment more difficult and typically the longer an injury goes without treatment the harder it becomes to correct and can linger.

3. Cost Effective- Saves money and prevents delay in care. In many states patients have direct access to PT which eliminates the need to see primary care physician and specialists which can save money through co-pays, medications, and at times preventing the need for surgery.

4. More Control over Care and Recovery- allows patients to discuss and be involved with their care plan and goals as well as progress on their time. Create plan of care early and modify/adjust as needed.

5. Lifestyle Modifications- Early education on activities to avoid to prevent further injury or exacerbation while restoring normal body biomechanics.

For more information on therapy. visit http://www.kansashomehealth.com or contact Derek by calling 316 869 0015

Derek’s Bio

Derek Rockwell is currently the Director of Rehab for Home Health and Hospice of Kansas and has been working for Home Health and Hospice of Kansas since 2016. Derek first graduated from WSU in 2011 with a bachelors in Exercise Science and then again in 2014 with a Doctorates in Physical Therapy from WSU. Derek began working in home health setting immediately after school and has had some experience doing contract work as a travel PT as well as some experience in a skilled nursing/rehab facility. Derek has always been interested in the human body and the anatomy of the human body as well as associated movements and dysfunction. In his spare time Derek enjoys hanging out with his two boys, playing and watching sports, and working out/exercising.


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